Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tonight's Parenting Moment Brought to you by The Nudist

This weekend is the one weekend a year our neighborhood allows a garage sale. I've had 2 babies in 2 years. Both of the aforementioned babies are old enough to actually think about getting rid of the baby stuff that's had my home consumed for the last two years. We have so much stuff that literally I figure if we ever do have another baby, I will just buy the bare minimum again. I would much rather do that then keep this stuff for the next however many years. Anyway, I digress. Every night this week, I've been starting around 8:30 and working into the night cleaning out and getting ready for an epic garage sale. Kimber has also chosen every night this week to literally play for an hour or so in her crib before going to sleep. We end up going in her room anywhere from 2-6 times each evening telling her to go to sleep, re-covering her with her blanket, threatening, swatting, taking away stuffed animals, picking pillow and blanket off the floor, etc. It's quite ridiculous. Even more so now that I see it written down. So tonight I was in and out of the garage and had Kimber's monitor on the kitchen counter. During one trip in, I hear her saying "I need a new diaper".  I thought to myself "wow, okay that's good. She's recognizing she needs one". I went over and glanced at the monitor screen only to see Kimber, butt naked standing in her crib. Being the responsible mother I am, I rushed the monitor upstairs to show Clayton so we could be mortified (read; giggle because we are mature) together. When I went in Kimber's room and turned on the light, she grinned and stuck one naked leg up on the side of her crib like she was going to crawl out. She has never climbed out of her crib. Being in the moment, I said "well if you're gonna climb out, go ahead". "Okay" she said. And she did. Climbed that little naked butt out of her crib and onto the ground. This girl. I could hardly keep myself composed from laughing, much less try to figure out how to even begin to scold her.  Hope everyone is having a good week!!

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  1. I just LOLed so hard. What a character Miss K is! Seems like a good story to tell her first date when he comes to pick her up, huh?