Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tonight's Parenting Moment Brought to you by The Nudist

This weekend is the one weekend a year our neighborhood allows a garage sale. I've had 2 babies in 2 years. Both of the aforementioned babies are old enough to actually think about getting rid of the baby stuff that's had my home consumed for the last two years. We have so much stuff that literally I figure if we ever do have another baby, I will just buy the bare minimum again. I would much rather do that then keep this stuff for the next however many years. Anyway, I digress. Every night this week, I've been starting around 8:30 and working into the night cleaning out and getting ready for an epic garage sale. Kimber has also chosen every night this week to literally play for an hour or so in her crib before going to sleep. We end up going in her room anywhere from 2-6 times each evening telling her to go to sleep, re-covering her with her blanket, threatening, swatting, taking away stuffed animals, picking pillow and blanket off the floor, etc. It's quite ridiculous. Even more so now that I see it written down. So tonight I was in and out of the garage and had Kimber's monitor on the kitchen counter. During one trip in, I hear her saying "I need a new diaper".  I thought to myself "wow, okay that's good. She's recognizing she needs one". I went over and glanced at the monitor screen only to see Kimber, butt naked standing in her crib. Being the responsible mother I am, I rushed the monitor upstairs to show Clayton so we could be mortified (read; giggle because we are mature) together. When I went in Kimber's room and turned on the light, she grinned and stuck one naked leg up on the side of her crib like she was going to crawl out. She has never climbed out of her crib. Being in the moment, I said "well if you're gonna climb out, go ahead". "Okay" she said. And she did. Climbed that little naked butt out of her crib and onto the ground. This girl. I could hardly keep myself composed from laughing, much less try to figure out how to even begin to scold her.  Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

2 in a row? Whaaaaat?

I feel like my last post mainly talked about Tealle, so I thought I would write some about Kimber. 2 kids...equal love, equal time dedication on blog. Kimber, Kimber Kimber. Wow. First, she has the sweetest heart. She wants to make sure everyone is included. She pretty freely gives hugs and kisses. And, she wants everyone else to kiss too. This is slightly awkward when it's Clayton and my mom she's specifying. haha. But, I say that to express that she's an extremely loving little girl. This fact makes my heart happy. It means that we've loved on her enough to teach her how to love others. She says "I Love You" randomly, which makes me think it is sincere and heartfelt. A few weeks ago, while I was changing her diaper she said "Mama, you're my best friend". Be still my heart. So sweet and genuine. She's at her best when Clayon AND I AND Tealle are all with her. I would term her an "includer". I use that term because I took a strengths test in college and that was one of my top 5 "strengths". And, I see that in her. Compassion, love. These are good qualities. This gives me hope for the future. Notice how I prefaced what I'm about to type with that sentence. lol. I have heard people say that "threes" are harder than "terrible twos". Well, that may be true, but I could care less at the moment. Because frequently I am pretty sure someone has stolen my compassionate sweet little angel and replaced her with the most bratty, difficult two year old I've ever seen. Therefore, I would say, I'm experiencing "terrible twos". TERRIBLE. When Kimber was a baby, there was a pretty long span of time that we didn't really take her many places for fear that she would scream and cry. She wasn't the most patient or chill baby, so we didn't take too many chances with public appearances, especially church, weddings, etc. I still see people with their sweet infant in a wedding and I think "that never could have been me". Anyway, we are somewhat in that stage. You never know what will set Kimber off into a fit. One day, redirecting her away from something is a breeze. The next, she's thrown herself on the floor and uttered such screams that Tealle is literally scared to death. I don't blame her. Because I'm slightly afraid too. But only to the point that my strong-willed nature kicks in and I remind myself that this. child. will. not. beat. me. It's like there is such extreme anger over something as "small" as one of us buckling her in the high chair when she wanted to do it. It seems small to us, but toddlers crave independence so I can understand why she's upset. I try to think about why she's responding the way she is but I'll be honest, a lot of the time, I am pretty sure she's gone insane. She screams pretty much every night in the bathtub. Why? She doesn't want to take a bath. Um, too bad sweetie. You have corn in your hair and you still smell like the syrup you apparently had at breakfast this morning. These are battles I have to choose. There are other things I can let go. As any parent knows, it's a delicate balance between letting them grow and learn but not letting them get away with things that are not going to be good qualities or lessons in the future. Okay, enough negativity. I should also quantify all of my comments with the fact that I have a theory on why Kimber is so "difficult". She's smart as a whip. I'm not saying easier kids are not smart. Each child is different. This is just her personality and a lot of it is her nature. How do I know? She's just like me. Over-achiever? Yep. Frustrated when she can't do something perfectly? Yep. Wants to be able to do anything? Yep. Wants to communicate effectively with anyone she encounters? Yep. The jury is still out on whether we will clash more often, or if we will just understand each other since we're similiar. I'm betting it's a little of both. Age 2 update: There are so many things to share. Kimber speaks so well it's amazing to me. She's been using complete sentences for quite sometime, and they onlly get more advanced. At her 2 year checkup, the doctor was telling me how the main milestone for this age is speaking. He asked if she could say at least 50 words. I said yes and asked her to talk to him. Of course, she wouldn't. (shocker) She just sucked on her pacifier and stared at him. This was okay with me because she usually cries. I had promised her a sticker if she could be a sweet girl during her checkup. I assured him she was speaking fine and he started to leave the room. When he was almost out the door, she took out her pacifier and said "Mommy, can I have a sticker now?" hahaha. He poked his head back in, completely shocked. It was a highlight. Very funny. Kimber is still true to size with clothing. She wears a 24 month or 2T, but 2T is still pretty big for her in bottoms. She's tall but narrow. We are already having issues with finding jeans that are long enough but fit in the waist as well. I see dollar signs. Gonna have to look hard for the right jeans. She still wears a size 4 diaper. She uses the potty occasionally, but not regularly, and definitely NOT for #2. I'm thinking she's going to be one that eventually makes up her mind to do it and until then, she can't be bothered. So, we just mention it and let her decide. Stats: 36 inches tall (93rd percentile), 26.5 pounds (this was around 74th percentile) Foods: dislikes - cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes (except french fries & tater tots) favorites - chicken nuggets (especially from Old McDonald's), macaroni & cheese, steak, spaghetti, any kind of fruit, yogurt

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am so terrible about blogging. No excuses, although there are plenty, I'm just not good at keeping up here. So, I am even thinking I should just skip the whole run down of the last however long and the OMG my life has changed so much. I will just try to do better....again..... So, let's talk about Tealle, who is affectionately known as Gorda. :) How did she get that name? Well, the girl loves her groceries. Becky, Tealle's wonderful nanny and the reason for my sanity, has a son named Emilio that she sometimes refers to as "Gordo". I did take three years of high school spanish, so I mentioned to her that perhaps Tealle was a "Gorda". It's an affectionate nickname in both cases. It's just the spanish version of "the girl who sure does like her groceries" haha. Tealle's birth weight was 7 lbs 12 oz - similiar to Kimber, who was 7 lbs 1 oz. Tealle has always seemed bigger, more plump. :) At 4 month checkup, they were still right in line with each other, with Tealle retaining her 11 oz "lead" over Kimber. 6 month checkup wasn't much different either. I will have to get all of their papers in front of me, just to do a comparison at some point. BUT, let me get to the point. Tealle's 9 month checkup. I did actually blog about Kimber's 12 month checkup and noted that she was 21 pounds, 3 oz and 30 inches tall, wearing size 3 diapers and was true to size in clothes, wearing a 12 month at the time. (If I knew how to link the post I would, but I don't know how and it's sad). This morning, I took my 9 month old, wearing a 12 month shirt that showed her round belly and some 18 month jeggings to the doctor for her 9 MONTH checkup. :) She is 22 pounds, 1 ounce and 29.75 inches long/tall. In other words, she's part baby, part offensive lineman. I mean, the girl is huge and so dang cute you just want to pinch that little round belly. She's such a sweet little girl. She's pulling up on EVERYTHING and has been, pretty much even before she could crawl. But, she's crawling good too. She has great balance and babbles up a storm. She likes to be held (who doesnt'), loves to clap, and she's a great sleeper. Not sure how I managed to have a 2 year old who still wakes up once during the night most nights and then a little one who's been sleeping all night like a rock since she was 5 months old. She made her own schedule. We tried and tried to get Kimber on a schedule for months and Tealle just did it herself. She turns into a pumpkin at 8:00 sharp, sometimes earlier. And, Heaven help you if you are somewhere at that time. The dam breaks, and she's no longer easy going. I think that's fair. Also, we aren't fools. Someone is home with Tealle by 7:30. We don't push her limits. It isn't pretty. She's serious about her sleep and about her meals. Everything else is just details and she's very laid back. Last week, Tealle was sick, and I mean SICK, with some nasty diarrhea stomach bug. Somehow, until now, I had managed to shield my kids from any type of stomach sickness, but Tealle got it. She was a total trooper though. Drank her "smoothie" several times a day and never complained. "smoothie" = equal parts water and Pedialyte, mixed with rice cereal and sometiimes strawberry flavored acetaminophen for fever. I was pretty proud of the concoction. BUT, I am very glad we are past that now. It's scary having a little one so sick looking and feeling bad. If you had told me four years ago that I would drive 90 miles per hour home from work to pick up a sick child's diarrhea sample and rush it back to the hospital lab to be tested within an hour, I would have been mortified. Now, it's just part of the job. There's nothing I wouldn't do for those babies. Sometimes, well, actually most of the time, it's completely exhausting. This morning, I tried to start my car with my granola bar. But, it's also funny. I just tell people I have 2 kids 2 and under, and they expect the worst so if I do actually remember something or appear to be decently pulled together, people are pleasantly surprised. With that said, let's not forget that looks are deceiving. I think I sweated through my work clothes at least once, usually more, every day last week. Dang Gulf Coast humidity, and a consequence of a sick baby, a 2 year old, a full time job, oh and of course football season :) I've worn out more pairs of black peep toe heels than I care to count. I've carried a sick 22 month old into the doctor, hospital, up the stairs in those heels. I've carried a crying 2 year old a city block to school and back in those heels. Wouldn't trade it. It just helps to justify the Macy's bill that comes in the mail. Since I started this post October 1 and I am just now finishing it (15 days later) I think I will sign off for now. My internet explorer at work is not jiving with blogger lately, so this post will be ugly I'm thinking, but I will post pics when I can.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We're just zookeepers - Part 1 - the birth of Tealle

It's been basically six months since I last posted.  That's crazy.  Crazy.  But, I've been BUSY!  Of course, I'm not really sure where to start, but I'll do my best at recounting the last half year of our lives.  Maybe I should break this into a few posts.  This can be part 1.

Don't judge me.  Yes I've been out of college for almost 8 years (wow, really) and have pretty much that many years of public accounting experience, but I have never made myself buckle down and pass the CPA exam.  There were always too many other fun things going on that I wanted to do.  Of course, now that's laughable because I would PAY money to sit on my couch ALONE and drink WINE while watching some reality show, but that's beside the point.  Anyway, last August (at 4.5 months pregnant), I decided I needed to get serious.  I didn't want to give up any time with my precious Kimber, so I decided I could literally study while she was asleep.  That sounds crazy, but I mapped it all out and decided I could give it a few hours a night after she went to bed, and then a few hours each day of the weekend while she was napping, and again possibly after she went to bed.  I knew this was the time I needed to pass since we had yet another little Stewart on the way and my time would continue to be limited.  Plus, I think motherhood majorly helped me in terms of discipline and determination.  Let's not forget August means football season.  So, this meant I was embarking on a journey to pass the CPA exam (all 4 parts because I lost credit for 2 after I had Kimber and didn't take it on time) while I was pregnant, with a one year old, and a husband who was NEVER home.  NEVER.  Like 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week, NEVER home.  Sounds fun right?  Well all mothers will agree, you never quite know how strong you are until you are in fact a mother.  Then, you learn that beyond the point that you might have given up before and well past the point you think you've had all you can take, there's still more.  It's pretty amazing actually.  So, I took FAR on October 17, AUD on November 9, and BEC on November 29.  Passed all three.  I knew I needed to get three done before baby arrived, so that I only had to commit one more time for the last test and also my nemesis, REG.  More about that later. 

Christmast was fairly uneventful.  By that time, I was pretty much a ticking time bomb.  Of course there were all kinds of jokes about a new years baby, etc.  Funny how that almost worked out.  On Saturday, December 29, I had taken Kimber over to our friends' house to visit for a minute while Clayton was at his mom's house helping take down her tree.  The back of their house is all windows and faces their pool and the lake in our neighborhood.  I was talking to my friend Lindsey and facing the windows, so I was having a hard time focusing on her face with the sun glaring in the windows, etc.  Or so I thought.  Once I turned around and wasn't facing her anymore, I realized that pretty much my entire left eye was blurry and my vision was just spinning.  I, of course, immediately decided to leave and get on home, which is right around the corner.  By the time I picked up Kimber's diaper bag, I realized it was too dangerous to drive with her in the car and me feeling so progressively bad by the second.  Thank God, Clayton had seen my car at their house on his way home and stopped in to visit.  Little did he know what he was getting into.  I went home and chugged two bottles of water (thinking maybe dehydration) and took my blood pressure.  It was 147/95.  Too high for sure.  I had been JUST fine until that point.  My blood pressure went up with Kimber right around 37 weeks.  At this point, I was exactly 38, so I wasn't that surprised.  I think my body just thinks 38 weeks is long enough.  haha.  After taking some tylenol and sitting for a while, I felt better and more normal.  I knew my dr. was working Monday (new year's eve) so I decided to wait until then to call.  It sounds risky, but as many of you know, it's super annoying to have to call the answering service and try to decide whether or not to go to the hospital, etc.  Of course, they immediately sent me to testing & observation at the hospital on Monday the 31st.  The nurse hooked me up to the monitor, and my bp was perfect.  They wanted to run a few tests, and monitor the baby for a few hours, and I think there was a really sick woman in the testing & observation area, so she just kind of left me.  Clayton ran to the cafeteria to get some lunch and I was just going to watch TV while they monitored me and the baby for a few hours.  I started to feel pretty uncomfortable, and had been having some really bad gas pains over the weekend, and I figured with me laying there having nothing to do, I was just paying more attention to my body.  When the nurse finally came back about an hour later, she informed me that I was actually having contractions.  I informed her that I was reasonably uncomfortable, and I realized that the gas pains were actually small contractions.  I just assumed gas since it's a big problem with a woman who's that pregnant.  By the time the nurse came back what felt like ANOTHER hour later, I was getting antsy.  Clayton finally came back (he missed all the action) and I filled him in.  At this point, the nurse informed me I probably wasn't going anywhere.  The nurse checked and I was around 3 cm dilated and the could detect some "thinning" of my cervix. She called my doctor, who's pretty conservative, and to my shock, they sent me HOME.  HOME!?!?!  I'll admit, Clayton and I were both scared to leave the hospital.  I was induced with Kimber, so I had no idea how long to wait before coming back to labor & delivery.  But, home we went.  On New Year's Eve.  ugh. 

We walked in the door about 5:30 and literally as I stepped in, I felt a rush of fluid (if you're squeamish, stop reading).  So, we debated back and forth about going back to the hospital, etc.  I wasn't like soaked or anything, but it was weird.  We decided not to go back to the hospital with it being new year's eve and people on the roads, etc (we live like 45 min away).  Clayton forbid us to attend the New Year's Eve party we had planned to.  We ended up staying in.  I asked around about the "rush of fluid" episode and got mixed reactions, but mostly everyone thought I should head back to the hospital.   Finally, New Year's morning, I decided I would go ahead and call the answering service back.  I just didn't feel right and we were both just on edge.  I had woken up a few times during the night with contractions, but I'd been having them a while, so I just wasn't sure what to do. I know you're thinking I was moving pretty slow, but I can't really explain the feeling.  I kind of felt stupid from being sent home the day before and thought maybe I was just overthinking it.  Plus, it's a big ordeal to get someone to watch Kimber and get her all squared away, etc.  And, I didn't really have an experience of actual labor to base anything on.  When I called the answering service, the consensus between me and the nurse was that I at least needed to go to labor & delivery and make sure I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid.  When I got to the hospital, I was given the litmus test or whatever, and they determined my water wasn't broken.  I also endured a nice lecture from the on call doctor about the implications if it HAD been my water, blah blah.  At this point, I was not in the mood for his dang talk.  I made sure to inform him that I HAD been there less than 24 hours ago and THEY sent me home.  I let him know the details and told him that the nurse had checked me and I was about 3 cm dilated, etc.  He decided to leave me in L&D for a few hours just to monitor what was going on, and as an afterthought, decided to just check me again.  Imagine my shock when he informed me that I was 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced - basically halfway through labor.  Turns out there's a reason I didn't feel right.  We arrived at the hospital around 11:30 that morning and by 3:16 that afternoon, Tealle Kay Stewart was here.  :)  (Tealle is pronounced like the color Teal.)  I got to hold her immediately (with Kimber they cleaned and weighed her first) and she was perfect.  She just snuggled in and went to sleep on my chest.  Interestingly, I was worried something was wrong because she was so quiet and snuggly.  Kimber screamed and screamed.  Right away, I knew this little one had a much more mellow personality than her sister.  She was fair skinned, and plump, with full red lips.  Beautiful and perfect just like Kimber.

Snuggly and sleeping.  This is literally less than 5 minutes after she was born.  So sweet. 

Isn't she beautiful?  :))  Look at those lips!!

Here's the video of Kimber seeing Tealle for the first time.  (T was in the nursery)


Monday, November 5, 2012

FALLing in love with the third trimester!

It's been far too long since I've posted, which is pretty much the standard, so I'm sure no one is surprised.  A lot of things have changed since my last post, mainly the size of my belly.  So, we'll start with the recap on Baby Stew # 2.  Officially, I am 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  Sidenote: I had to stop writing that sentence to eat a fun size twix bar at my desk.  Hello third trimester!  This pregnancy has flown by.  I attribute that to time spent chasing the busiest 14 month old I've ever seen (I haven't seen THAT many, but she IS extremely busy) instead of time spent checking the pregnancy trackers to see how far along I am.  Anyway,  things have not slowed down at all in the Stewart house.  Clayton is still in the midst of football season and going strong.  The Wildcats are winning and of course, officially, already in the playoffs, so the madness shall continue at least one more week after this one.  There are several things that are slightly different about this pregnancy than what I remember from being pregnant with Kimber.  You might ask, can you really remember your first pregnancy?  The answer to that is, yes, of course.  When you have 2 babies in 2 years, you haven't forgotten much yet.  :) 
1. My back hurts.  haha.  I don't remember this with Kimber.  Key to this symptom: I also wasn't carrying a 22-ish pound 14 month old Kimber around when I was pregnant the first time.  Mystery solved.
2. I actually resemble a basketball rather than a watermelon.  With Kimber, I was just BIG all over.  I'm definitely still big and feeling even bigger (if that's possible), but my belly definitely has a different shape, even though the two babies are the same sex.  Interesting. 
3. I have NO BRAIN CELLS.  There are always comments and things you read that say you become forgetful during pregnancy.  I did not have that with Kimber at all.  I thought I was clearly just very alert and on top of my game I guess.  Not so with this time.  I can't remember ANYTHING.  I'm always good with names and numbers.  No clue.  It's horrible.  I've never forgotten Kimber, but I've forgotten everything else.  I do an okay job of keeping it all together, but don't ask my my mom's social security number or a client's name.  I have no clue.  It's strange.  I also constantly have that feeling that I've forgotten something.  You know the feeling.  The fun part is, that I have the nagging feeling, but I may NEVER know why or what it is I forgot because it never comes to me.  I just think, well when it blows up in my face, I'll remember.  Until then, I'm blissfully  unaware. 
4. I THINK I have more energy.  I think that's because I have to.  Anyone who has had a toddler can vouch for this.  There is NO DOWNTIME at all.  ever.  ever. ever.  Except when she's sleeping and you somehow need to clean up the house, do the dishes, work, or just take half a second to actually SIT DOWN.  This could also be related to the fact that at this stage in my pregnancy with Kimber, it was like 1,000 degrees outside and who wants to do anything when it's that hot?  Not saying it's cool or anything outside yet, but it's not summer, which is a definite improvement.
5. This little sister in my tummy is a MOVER.  I felt it much earlier, which I think it pretty standard with a second baby.  But, she moves pretty much all day.  I feel it much more than I remember with Kimber.  I'm able to successfully freak out the single guys I work with because it looks like there's a little alien in my tummy.  Hilarious. 
6. I'm sure there are other things but see #3.  I can't remember them even if I wanted to post them.

Okay, let's see.  Now an update on my little wigglebug, Kimber.  She is SUCH a character.  She turned 14 months this past Friday (Nov 2).  She amazes me every day with how much she picks up.  There is truly something new she does every day that she didn't do the day before.  Yesterday, I dropped her off at Clayton's mom's for a bit and she told me "Bye Mama".  That's a sentence people.  It was sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.  This morning, she picked up my bracelet and said "Pretty Mama".  Smart as a whip (unbiased opinion).  Along with the 14 month-ish mark came the discovery of throwing a fit when we don't get our way or are told "no".  This is not fun.  Not sure I can make any other comment than that.  It leads the parent to wonder where the sweet angel-child went.  Kimber is getting better.  She doesn't know who she's messing with in the battle of wills.  Or maybe she does.  The child is so much like me it's scary.  Ah, the joys of parenthood.  We still love every minute.

Over the past week or so, Kimber has started "dancing".  It's too cute.  I took a video last night.  She has never hammed it up for the camera (yet) but I think she was fascinated with the light on it.  Too cute, even though I didn't capture much "dancing".

Kimber is still a good eater and is communicating her wishes pretty well.  She tried her first PB&J last week and loved it.  She absolutely loves fruit of any kind.  Her love for vegetables from younger stages seems to have faded, but I'm sure it will all change again.  And, as long as she's eating fruit, I'm good with it.  She still loves pickles and loves to have one from the concession stand at the football game.  That's a tactic I save and then use (occasionally) during later stages of a Friday night football game to ward off the I'm sleepy fit stage or the I'm restless and will crawl around the stands and bother people in front of  us stage.  :))

I guess that about sums up life in the Stewart household these days.  Kimber was a bumble bee for Halloween and charmed everyone with her black and yellow tutu and bumble bee leg warmers.  She was a little afraid of her wings, but adapted well.  I've included some recent pics below.  I love this time of year and the excitement of looking forward to the holidays and times with friends and family.  9 weeks to go to prepare for the arrival of our newest and I haven't even ordered a crib yet.  I need to get on it.  The guest room is finally showing signs of being cleaned out, so I have to get to work.  It's all fun!  I can't wait for Kimber to see Christmas lights and the tree and all that goes with the joy of the season.  I'm betting our tree looks rather interesting this year.....decorations at the top and empty on the bottom??? 

Hope all is well with all of you!!! 

Author's note:  After I finished typing this blog post, I went searching in my purse and found the yogurt I brought with me this morning to have for a snack.  It's been in there about 3 hours.  I'm telling you:  no brain cells.  It's scary.  Don't worry, the yogurt is now in the fridge. 

Author's note #2:
7.  (from above) HUNGRIER!  (I remembered another one.  I'd be impressed with myself except I forgot about my yogurt.  See note above.)

Playing at Grammy's house.  She looks so long here.  Growing so fast! :(

A rare moment posing for me.  She loves to walk around on the couch.

The pickle eater :))

Homecoming (the anniversary of her first ever attended football game)

Looking at ducks at the fair with Koko

A pig!
 Cutest bumble bee ever!

Hanging out in her golf cart chauffer (for the parade in our hood)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The conversion continues

The conversion of our home office to a playroom continues.  Over the weekend, I got one set of drawers/shelves and the closet cleaned out.  I moved a large shelf out of the room (well I cleaned it out and Clayton moved it when he got home bc preggers belly doesn't need to move that).  So, it continues.  Still have a desk to empty and move out, then it'll be ready for some fufu female playroom decor.  So far, it's working out well.  Kimber loves to play in there with her toys, and soon we'll mount a TV on the wall, and we'll be set to go.  Fun stuff.  And my living room seems human again.  Almost empty.  But human.  And, I kind of like it. 

Here's Kimber in her new will-be playroom. 
I think I might have mentioned that Kimber got a pink cozy coupe for her birthday.  It's still in the living room, by the way, not the playroom.  But, she loves it.  Here's a video.  Hilarious.  This girl seriously has personality oozing out of every pore.  Oh, and yes, that's what my living room USED to look like before the "playroom" conversion began.  See why I like it?


Mickey is her favorite cozy coupe passenger.  She also sometimes brings along her baby, a strawberry shortcake tea cup, a plastic plate, a spatula, or of course, her cell phone.
Football season continues as well.  The first home game was last Friday.  Although I didn't get a picture of Kimber at the game (slightly difficult with world's busiest one year old who has apparently 18 hands, and a diaper bag and a pregnant mom), she had a great time and did great.  We made it through halftime, which was really all I was hoping for.  She enjoyed climbing the bleachers and eating bites of pickle from the concession stand.  She loves pickles.  Too funny.  She also tried to eat dirt, old popcorn, and anything else on the ground in the stands.  But, she did so much better than I could have hoped for, and I was super grateful.  Here's our family picture from the football program. 

I am the pregnant lady in the program picture....again.  But, way less pregnant than last year at this time, AND the baby in the picture proves that I did have the original kid.  I'm just pregnant....AGAIN.  haha  By the way, whose child is that in the picture?  She looks so grown up!  And light headed....and BIG.  Crazy.  Anyway, it turned out much better than I thought.  My hair is all messed up because she was playing in it, but hey, you get what you can.  She wasn't screaming, so it's a plus, right? 
Not much else to report.  We have another home game this week, so Kimber will get to go again.  This time, she gets to go out on the field with her daddy because he's getting inducted into the Angleton Athletic Hall of Fame.  Very cool.  So proud of him and all that he's accomplished, and of the fact that he's an amazing teacher and coach at the very high school we graduated from. 
If you go to my facebook page, you can see some of the amazing pictures that Lindsey at Lindsey McAlpine Photography got at Kimber's one year photo shoot.  I don't know how she got so many good ones, because, as I detailed in an earlier post, it was not all roses.  But, she did amazing and the pictures are so good.  This one takes the cake because it pretty well sums up her mood the day of the shoot.

Seriously though, the pictures are awesome.  Go check out my facebook.  :)  Hope everyone is having a great week!!
I almost forgot - yesterday was Kimber's one year checkup.  She weighed 21 pounds 3 ounces and is 30 inches tall.  She's grown a little over 4 inches in the past six months.  She's really getting tall now.  She had to get four shots so this morning was rough, but other than that, all is well.  She's still true to size in clothes, wearing a 12 month.  She's a size 3 in shoes, but good luck getting them on her feet.  Her pink crocs, size 4/5, are the only shoes she will wear.  I don't really mind as long as there's something she will wear, plus those can be cleaned in the sink at night.  She wears a size 3 in diapers, and has again remembered she hates laying still long enough for me to change her diaper, so that's always a fun battle.  A healthy growing little girl!  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kimber's 1st Birthday

Wow, what a weekend it was at the Stewart Casa.  Clayton's game Friday night was in Montgomery, which is quite a hike, so I opted to stay home and get ready for the party and more importantly, spend some QT with our sweet girl.  After we put Kimber to bed, my mom helped me sort through about 350 pictures to narrow it down to 60, in chronological order, throughout Kimber's first year.  I used tiny clothes pins to pin the pictures on ribbon that was strung up around the house.  It turned out so good and I think people loved seeing pictures.  Between that and a few other preparations, I crawled into bed around 12:30.  I had planned to go to bed early given what the weekend had in store, but I kept finding things to do.  Clayton rolled into bed about 2:30. 

Saturday, the day began for me at 6:10 am.  Kimber had 12 month pictures at 8.  A good friend of mine from school, Lindsey McAlpine agreed to take the pictures since her family was going to be in town visiting her parents for the long weekend.  In hindsight, 8 am was not the best time to select.  We needed good natural light, so it was either early morning or evening.  For some reason, I figured Kimber would be happy in the morning and we could get the pictures done and then spend the rest of the day getting ready for her party.  Not so much.  Poor Lindsey, poor Kimber, poor me.  UGH.  It was so hot and sultry it was miserable.  Kimber was not at all pleased to be in a long ruffly outfit and I can't say I blame her.  She got sleepy and was hot and it was the worst combination ever when you're trying to take pictures.  Needless to say, it was super frustrating (for me at least) and we agreed to meet again Saturday evening at 6 to try again.  Lindsey was so patient and understanding.  I was so annoyed haha.  Not necessarily with Kimber, just in general.   I don't know why it's been a year and I still have a hard time handling when things don't go according to my plan.  Hello Kaysie, they never do.  It's called motherhood.  Get over it!  Anyway.....I spent the day prepping for the party.  Clayton had to work all day on 4 hours of sleep...not that I got much more, but still.  The culmination of the fun was a screaming fit (Kimber's that is) at 3:00 because she didn't want to take a nap.  I'm sure I forced the issue because I was super concerned about getting some smiles for pictures and no nappy = no happy.  So, I put her in the car and went to pick up some party items that I had to get before 4.  I drove around a little hoping Kimber would fall asleep and she did.  So, I drove around Brazoria County for an hour in the rain with flower arrangements in the front seat and a sleeping almost one year old in the back.  I probably honestly needed that hour of quiet time for my sanity at that point.  Note to self and to readers:  it is somewhat hard to plan and prepare for a one year old's birthday bash when you are 5+ months pregnant with a one year old and your husband is a football coach and therefore gone ALL THE TIME.  But, these are the moments that not only make you stronger, but they make life more fun, whether it seems like it at the time or not.  Plus, I think I did an okay job of putting everything into perspective.  The weekend was about Kimber.  So, we put on our smiles and kept going. 

At 6, when we met back for pictures, Kimber was better.  Still kind of iffy about the ruffly outfit (because at 6 it was still like 1,000 degrees) but when we changed her clothes into a cooler outfit, we got some great smiles that showed her sweet little personality.  Then, it was home for a bath and bed for Kimber and the house shifted into party mode (for me and Clayton). 

Sunday, Kimber's actual birthday, was a much better day than Saturday.  The party was at 4.  I told myself that I was going to spend the morning playing with Kimber and doing only that because it was a special day.  I didn't feel the need to stress myself and her out when really she deserved a fun relaxing birthday.  Perspective.  So, she toddled around the house in her diaper and pink crocs.  She likes her birthday suit the best, so that's what she got to wear.  We played and watched Mickey.  At noon, my mom picked her up so that I could make some final preparations for the party and take a shower.  My friend Lindsey and her sweet family came over and helped me pull everything together in a little over an hour.  They brought dishes, helped cover tables, arranged decorations, picked up balloons and cookies for me, and were all in all a huge part of the party.  I could not have done it without them.  While we worked, Kimber got to charm Grammy and Uncle Koko with her naptime antics (she fought sleep and naps ALL weekend).  Lately when she's trying to fight sleep, she practices all the words she knows, but she adds a lot of "Mama" and "Dada".  The girl is no fool.  She'll melt your heart with a tiny grin and a sweet soft "mama".  Works on me every time.  She showed off her skills to my mom, but did eventually go to sleep.  Major thanks to my mom for all of her help and for keeping K for the early part of the afternoon so that I could get everything ready!

The party was great.  We had so many friends and family come, several from out of town, so it was really special.  Kimber wasn't sure what to make of all of it.  She's a total ham, but even the total ham was a little overwhelmed.  She got numerous and wonderful gifts - so many that we immediately realized that we needed a playroom.  That conversion began yesterday.  Our house will no longer have an "office".  Anyway, she dove into her cake without hesitation and I'm still finding red icing on the bath mats in my bathroom.  We had hot dogs and cake of course.  We also had some snacks made by friends and family, and some other treats that I made.  There were strawberry shortcake skewers and brownie strawberry shortcakes (both compliments of Pinterest).  Lindsey's future sister-in-law Haley made white chocolate covered strawberries with pink and green sugar.  They were delicious and it was so sweet of her to make them.  The food definitely added to the presentation.  And, the cake, made by Christie Lostracco, was beautiful!!  Not only that, but it was one of the most delicious cakes I've ever tasted.  Big thanks to Christie too!!!  My cousin Allison and her family drove in from RoundRock for the party, so they stayed the night with us and Kimber got to play with her cousins.  :))  Super fun day.  Second note to readers and to self:  Set aside a reserve of food for after the party.  Neither Lindsey, nor Clayton, nor my mom, nor me really even got to eat.  Seems like it always happens that way.  A food reserve will serve you well.  You'll have something to eat once all the guests are gone and you realize you're STARVING!

Here's a video of K eating her cake. 

Yesterday was reserved for some serious playtime for Kimber.  My mom got her a cozy coupe, which is of course in the middle of our living room, and she must've gotten in and out of that thing 100 times yesterday.  She loaded up her baby and cell phone, along with some eating utensils from her new tea set, and went to town.  I even caught her carrying on a conversation on her cell phone.  The car was sitting still (she just sits in it at the moment) but it was still hilarious.   

All in all, although exhausting, the weekend was a success.  I can't believe it's been a  year since I met the most perfect little girl I've ever known.  She's beautiful, sweet, funny and so smart and I am so blessed to be her mommy.  Clayton and I are richly blessed and you just can't ignore how cool it is when God weaves together all the details of your life.  Kimber is truly a gift from Him! 

What could be better than not having to wear clothes and being able to watch Mickey on your birthday?

 Spending her birthday in her birthday suit. :))
About to try the cake

This is yummy!!

Toys galore

Cousins pic.  Karly (2.5), Mary Nell (6), and Kimber (1)
I have several pictures still to load, so I'll be posting more soon.  I thought the decorations turned out cute.  Won't be long before I'll be doing the whole she-bang again for baby stew #2.